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The 532 Series Radio / Remote Control is a versatile System, ideal for complex industrial applications such as overhead crane bridge, trolley and hoist motion control. The compact 8 push button Transmitter fits easily in the user's hand. The 532 Series is a 3-motion, 2-speed radio, suitable for most industrial applications. With a range of 300 feet, the 532 Radio Control system can accommodate larger applications without compromising safety. Installation of the 532 Series is very simple, and both AC and DC voltage configurations available.  This model features a sealed start button, with two transmitters and one receiver.

532-AB-H Series Inmotion Control

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Weight 6.0 lbs
    Manufacturer InMotion Controls
    Manufacturer Part Number 532-AB-H
    Number of Buttons 8 Button
    Pendant Motion 3 Motion
    Pendant Speeds Two Speed
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